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Sweet Georgia Brown Lyrics:

Original songwriter: Ben Bernie, Kenneth William Casey, Maceo Pinkard Now she just got here yesterday

Things are pretty hot here now they say

There's a great big change around

Now all the girls are jealous there's no doubt

And still those stupid fellows are raving about

This here new chick in town

And ever since she came you can hear all the people playing

No gal made has got a shade on sweet Georgia Brown, yeah

Two left feet but, oh, so neat that's sweet Georgia Brown

Boys all sigh and want to die for sweet Georgia Brown

I'm tellin' you why and you know

I don't lie, not much

It's been said she knocks 'em dead when she lands in town

Since she came it's a dog gone shame how she cools 'em down

The fellas she can't get they other fellas she ain't met, yet

Georgia claimed her

Georgia named her

Sweet, sweet Georgia Brown

All those tips the porter slips to sweet, sweet Georgia Brown

She buys clothes at fashion shows with just one dollar down, yeah

Oh, boy, tip your hats whoa whoa whoa, boy she's the cats

Who's that mister?

It ain't a sister that's sweet Georgia Brown

I love it, I love it

Pretty hear this one


Georgia is gonna play the tambourine now


Man, I wanna tell you people

I'm sure glad I wasn't around that town when Georgia Brown was around that town

Sweet, sweet Georgia talking 'bout old

Georgia Brown, yeah

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