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Get On Up Lyrics:

Original songwriter: Dalvin DeGrate, K-Ci, Jo-Jo, Vitor Martins, Ivan Guimares Lins Yo set it off darlin' come on, come on

Oh yeah

Uh, uh said it sounds so good to me

You gotta get on up hey yeah, heay yeah

Say it again Jodeci

Whoa oh, gotta get on up

Wait a minute lemme tell ya

Everybody grab somebody turn this mutha into a party

Fellas take a ladie's hand ladies gon' an' choose yo' man

There's no need to be afraid

Friday night let's all get paid

Positive is the attitude negative is not the move

No no, ya gotta get on up let's say it again

Ya gotta get on up oh whoa

Well ooh well now that everybody movin' everybody in here is groovin'

Everything is all right the atmosphere is so nice

The dee jay is doin' his duty all the ladies and shakin' their booties

An' the night is still young and the party just begun

Yeah, you can't sit down oh whoa, git on up get on up

Whoa oh oh oh oh ooh whoa oh, just get on up

You can't sit down pretty lady everybody put up yo' hands

Oh yeah

Whoa oh oh oh

Party party all day baby

Don't you never never never never never stop

Whoa ho oh oh oh oh oh

Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey

Don't you ever let nothin' hold you down get on up, ha

If everybody just get on up whoa whoa whoa whoa oh oh oh

Artist Information

American R&B quartet with members DeVanté Swing, Mr. Dalvin, K-Ci, and JoJo. Formed in 1989 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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