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Somethin Else Lyrics:

Original songwriter: Sharon Sheeley, Bob Cochran Uh-look-ah there there she comes

Here comes that girl again wanted to date her since

I don't know when

But she don't notice me oh when I pass

She goes with older guys from out of my class

But that can't stop me from thinkin' to myself

Ooh she's can lookin' man she's somethin' else

Hey look-a there across the street

There's a car made just for me

To own that car would be a luxury

But right now I can't afford the gas

A brand new convertible is out of my class

But that can't stop me from a-thinkin' to myself

That car's fine lookin' man whoa it's somethin' else

Hey look-ah here just wait and see

Workin' hard and savin' my dough

I'll buy that car that

I've be wanting so

Get me that girl we'll go ridin' around

We'll look real sharp with the white top down

Right on and dreamin' and-ah thinkin' to myself

When it all comes true, man

Wow! That's somethin' else

Ooh yeah something else

Ooh look-a here

What's all this?

I never thought

I'd do this before

But here I am a-knockin' on his door

My car's out front and it's all mine

Just a forty-one Ford not a fifty-nine

I got that boy and

I'm thinkin' to myself he's sure fine lookin' man

Wow, he's somethin' else

Oh yeah


Ha ha ha





Ooh Ooh

Oh she looking good all right in good

Oh she's right in good

Oh she looking good

Oh oh oh oh

Oh yeah

Oh keep moving on

Oh good

Ooh, sexy girls


That's good

Artist Information

American country singer born October 10, 1958 in Seminole, Texas.

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